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If you care about the standard of living your loved ones will have after your passing, having the proper amount of life insurance is vital. Life Insurance isn’t for you – it’s for those that you leave behind. Are you prepared to protect your family if you pass? Life Insurance can be one of the most important decisions made in order to ensure your loved ones can continue their way of life.

Best Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance is a vital part of a comprehensive Financial Plan.
There are many questions: How do you determine if you need life insurance? Should you still own life insurance when you are older and have no dependents? How do you find the best life insurance provider? What are the best life insurance companies in Grand Rapids, MI? Should you go with a good term life insurance company, and how do you determine good life insurance companies? These are only some of the questions people asked. At Integrated Financial Services, we can help you answer these questions and help you determine if life insurance needs to be a part of your overall financial plan.
At Integrated Financial Services, you can have your life insurance needs reviewed and analyzed by a Certified Life Underwriter (CLU).

Good Life Insurance Companies in Grand Rapids

A CLU is a financial professional with extensive knowledge of life insurance and has passed rigorous coursework and examinations on the intricacies of insurance planning and related laws. We can assist you in thoroughly reviewing your existing life insurance provider to see if your plan is serving your needs. As one of the best term life insurance companies, we understand the complexity of Insurance planning because we’ve assisted hundreds of individuals in their life insurance needs over the past 30 years. As one of the best wealth management consulting firms, we use our expertise in life insurance to turn complex options into a plan that will give you confidence.

A few examples of what good life insurance companies can do for you

Best life insurance companies in grand rapids Mi
  • For individuals with young children, term life insurance with good term life insurance companies is often the best way to provide a large death estate for an affordable premium. Since the cost of life insurance is based on longevity (mortality), term insurance is relatively inexpensive at younger ages. As we age, our life expectancy goes down, and the cost of insurance goes up. All life insurance becomes more expensive as we age, although plans are available where the premiums are level over the policy term. It is essential to choose a top-rated life insurance provider as policies frequently have terms of up to 20 years or more.
  • For specific high-income individuals and closely-held businesses, a max-funded private deferred compensation program with the best insurance companies can provide excellent tax-deferred accumulation while providing tax-free retirement income and a tax-free death benefit to heirs. With this type of plan, the life insurance benefits are the least important feature of the policy. The focus is on tax-deferred accumulation and tax-free retirement income. For individuals who have already fully funded their IRAs or 401(k) plan, this may be the perfect way to build and preserve wealth while receiving tax benefits that other plans cannot offer.

A Liquid Estate Plan (LEP) is a way to deliver immediate cash to meet immediate estate expenses without a death certificate. With an LEP, the beneficiary receives the proceeds within 24-48 hours of death. Without an LEP, individuals’ assets and accounts are typically frozen or enter probate upon death. Delays of 30-90 days are common, as claim forms are filed and processed. Each bank or custodian will typically require a death certificate before releasing ANY funds. Even with joint accounts, the account may be temporarily frozen until the receipt of the death certificate. Often, beneficiaries must wait for the filing and review of the institution’s legal department to verify that the claims are in order. With an LEP, all that is avoided, and your heirs have immediate cash to meet direct cash expenses upon your passing. This is accomplished by using a plan offered by a top life insurance provider, one of the best life insurance companies in Grand Rapids, MI.

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