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Guidance on emergency savings & financial wellness

Is my financial wellness strong? This is a fundamental question that you should be asking yourself if you are an adult earning a stable income. Financial Health, similar to physical well-being, is integral to your personal and professional well-being. A person is said to be financially well when they have enough income or savings to:

This article will tell you how to manage money to enjoy a happy, stress-free, and financially secure life.
But first, let’s look at why financial wellness is so important

Why Financial Wellness is a Must-Have Employee Benefit

Financial wellness refers to the peace of mind people have when it comes to their finances. Without it, life can get pretty daunting and stressful, making it difficult to focus on other work and family aspects. Suffice to say, persisting financial worries can lead to tragedies both in your personal and professional life. Employers to understand how financial instability can affect their employees’ productivity, which can be detrimental to their business. This is perhaps why many prominent employers today are offering financial wellness programs to their recruits. With daily expenses, debts, and some personal wants taken care of, an individual can give their family and work the attention they need and deserve. Moreover, financial wellness can also help people outline and work towards accomplishing their long-term goals. Financial wellness also means you have enough savings to handle sudden medical bills, job loss, home repairs, and expenses arising due to other unforeseen events. Although the total income you earn plays a significant role in creating your financial wellness plan, you should know how to manage your money appropriately as well.

How to Achieve Financial Wellness

There are certain techniques and financial tools you can use to your advantage to help build financial security for yourself. For starters, we recommend monitoring your balances every day and spending less than what you earn. Other things you can do to achieve financial wellness include:

Becoming Financially Stable

Even with the above guide serving as a comprehensive introduction to wellness, the actual endeavour of accomplishing financial security proves to be overwhelming for some. This is where we at Integrated Financial Services come to your rescue. We are home to trained financial advisors who possess the insight needed to guide you through the complex decisions, tax concerns, and financial policies closely tied to your wealth management. Suffice to say, if you are looking for a reliable ally to assist you with wealth management in Grand Rapids MI, then look no further than Integrated Financial Services.

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